Workshop Training Program 2019

Standard Training Rates


 Training Fees per Participant

 For a 1-Day Workshop

 US $ 250

 For a 2-Day Workshop

 US $ 400

 For a 3-Day Workshop

 US $ 600

 For a 4-Day Workshop

 US $ 750


These rates cover only the trainer’s fees for workshops administered either in-house at your own premises or at the AEC Executive Conference Center in Lebanon. Additional venue options are also available and they may be charged at cost.

If the training is to be delivered outside Lebanon, the customer shall be responsible for all the pertaining travel expenses. These include transportation costs such as airline tickets and taxicabs, hotel accommodation, and the trainer’s subsistence expenses.

AEC Club Membership

The AEC Club Membership allows your employees to take a variety of workshops in order to upgrade their skills and build their core competencies as stipulated in their personal development plan – all at one low price.


AEC has devised several flexible yearly club membership packages that give your potential trainees the opportunity to attend the workshops they are interested in at their convenience. They can attend as many training days as their membership package allows during the membership period or even repeat the courses they feel they have not fully mastered.


Our club membership packages are:


 Membership Package

 Number of Training   Days Per Employee

 Yearly Fees

 Cost Per Training Day  Per Employee


 Up to 4

 US$ 1000



 Up to 10

 US$ 2400



 Up to 15

 US$ 3450



 Up to 100 training days   per year for all   employees

 US$ 20000



*The Platinum membership package is ideal for small to medium size businesses. It allows you to mix and match courses for all your employees up to a cumulative number of 100 pre-paid training days.


All membership packages are purchased or renewed once a year and they are valid for 12 consecutive months.

AEC training – the world of difference…

The development of your people is the key to your success. At AEC we develop and deliver effective training programs in a variety of key business skills. For these programs to deliver long lasting results, they must be followed up when the participants return to work. So we’ve developed a total support package to help you and your team makes the world of difference.

Open-house programs or In-Company training

With AEC’s infrastructure we can meet your training needs regardless of scale or complexity. Our extensive portfolio of open-house programs runs throughout the Middle East region. These can be adapted and delivered on an in-company basis, or a program can be developed to meet your specific business needs.

Expert trainers – working for you

Apart from being specialists in their field, a prerequisite for all AEC trainers is enthusiasm, passion, creativity and energy – with these they bring to life each and every course they deliver. Their passion is contagious and without fail participants leave their AEC course motivated, inspired and highly charged for success.

Learn it Today – Use it Tomorrow

Many training programs are theoretical and academic, leaving participants unsure as to how to apply their newly-acquired knowledge. AEC training is genuinely different. Our programs are totally practical and interactive, involving delegate participation throughout. So we will equip your employees with a practical toolkit they can use immediately after the course.

Total Quality Guarantee

AEC is renowned for delivering cutting edge training programs which deliver tangible results. To provide you with further assurance, we offer you our Total Quality Guarantee, which means that if you’re dissatisfied with any aspect of our service, we will resolve the issue promptly so that you are completely satisfied.

Training: A Solid Investment

The future of any company depends on the skills of its workforce. Research shows that companies with well-trained and highly-qualified people are the ones that normally survive, grow and prosper in spite of difficult economic conditions. The companies that are committed to continuous training and development of their workforce will almost always yield a higher return in terms of increased sales, higher productivity, better morale and continued market leadership.

Quality Training that Lasts a Lifetime!

AEC offers over 200 workshops in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa in three languages: English, French, or Arabic.

Our Training Methodology

Individual and Group Participation

A very high proportion of your course will be devoted to delegate participation and involvement in discussions, case studies, syndicate work, projects and completion of self-appraisal questionnaires. This not only helps to consolidate and exemplify all the course topics but also provides opportunities for the application of many of the techniques taught. In turn, this makes for a very high level of delegate motivation and interest.

A wide range of training techniques and methods are used on AEC workshops including:

  • Case Studies
  • Role – Plays
  • Lectures
  • Discussions
  • Group Projects
  • Questionnaires
  • Self-Appraisal Exercises
  • Pre-Recorded Videos
  • Individual Counseling

The techniques used in each course are those most suited to the particular delegates and the particular subjects.


Planning for Improved Performance

Delegates are given opportunities throughout the course to appraise themselves and identify areas for change and improvement. This culminates in the drawing up of a professional Action Plan to maximize effectiveness in their “real” job situation.

Attending an AEC Workshop
  1. In attending the AEC courses, you will be accessing a uniquely wide and experienced resource of knowledge and research, drawn from virtually every aspect of business and commerce for over 50 years. No other training provider can match this breadth and time-proven resource.
  2. Your staff trained by AEC will respond to the quality and skills of our trainers in such a way as to lead to a positive change of attitude and performance – generating more profits. This is because AEC is a nucleus of initiative and accomplishment in all the specializations in which we train. AEC trainers are not only subject to quality control monitoring throughout their careers, but also work in an atmosphere of professional stimulation to keep them at the forefront of their profession.
  3. All AEC trainers are selected for their appropriate knowledge and skills in the subject and sessions for which they are responsible. With such a depth of knowledge and experience to draw on, they guide participants to find practical and relevant solutions to their needs. The resulting knowledge can be immediately applied by your people, to give a marked improvement in the performance of your business. 
The AEC Training Philosophy

The following principles are built into all AEC workshops:

  1. Keep Training Simple, Practical and Relevant.
  2. Teach skills today which can be used tomorrow.
  3. Maintain a high level of delegate interest by using a wide variety of training methods and techniques. Lectures will be combined with discussions, group and individual exercises, self-assessment questionnaires, presentations, role play and private study.
  4. Encourage delegates to appraise themselves rather than tell them what they should do differently. Then they will be able to produce their own Personal Development Plans, to which they can be committed.
  5. Enthuse and Motivate participants by the standards of all aspects of the training environment and the effort put into making it enjoyable as well as effective.
Matching Your Environment

AEC believes that a training course must reflect the pace and urgency of your working environment and the special language of your industry. For this reason we assign to each industry the proper trainer with extensive knowledge and experience in that industry.

Our Five Operating Principles


We aim to teach only what is relevant and only what we know to be effective in practice.


We aim for the most exacting standards in everything we do and we aim only to do those things where these standards can be achieved.


We aim to use all our resources to the full extent, to minimize waste and to assist our clients to do the same.

Mutual Benefit

We aim for performance improvement for all delegates, cost effective training investment for our client companies and personal job satisfaction for own personnel.


We aim to help delegates to reach the highest level of ability, expertise and ethics in their work. We also aim to operate our own services to these same levels.